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Class descriptions

Check out the descriptions of our 1 hour group fitness classes. All exercises within the classes can be modified to any level of expertise.

This yoga class offers an extremely relaxing and soothing environment to connect with your inner self. The goal is to focus on stretching and lengthening the muscles as you focus on controlling your breath.

Muscle mania focuses on strengthening your muscles while increasing the heart rate through an increased amount of repetitions. This class combines the use of bands, dumbbells, barbells, and boxes for all the strength exercises.

This low impact, high-energy ballet barre class is a mixture of ballet, Pilates, yoga, cardio, and strength training.

This class combines a variety of cardio exercises with different core exercises to strengthening the core and trunk. Cardio includes the use of different machines and plyometric body weight exercises. The goal is to combine the high intensity intervals of cardio to increase the heart rate with the engagement of the core muscles in the lower heart rate core exercises.

This class offers a combination of deep stretching and core work. Stretching the muscles while strengthening the core and trunk will benefit everyone!

This class combines the use of resistance bands for strength exercises and a variety of cardio exercises. It is guaranteed to give you a kick butt workout while toning the muscles and burning those calories! With different resistances to choose from for bands, you can really make this workout your own!

“Workout of Today.” This is a cross-fit style class that offers a large variety of different exercises. The workout is individual while the instructor’s main focus is to perfect your form. The goal of this class is to push yourself to the limit to complete all of the desired repetitions for each exercise.

This high intensity cardio class offers a variety of different intervals on the spinning bike. It is a complete cardio-based class with intervals that will push you out of your comfort zone while still giving you the burn you desire!

This class combines cardio and strength exercises in a circuit format. Timed sections allows for ample amount of repetitions. This combination of cardio and strength will guarantee a good burn and a complete body workout.